Comparing MS AppCenter and AppCircle: An Alternative for Mobile Developers

Igor AsharenkovMay 21, 2024



With Microsoft's AppCenter closing soon, mobile developers and engineering managers need a reliable alternative. AppCircle emerges as a strong contender. This blog post provides a comprehensive comparison between MS AppCenter and AppCircle, focusing on features crucial for mobile development, deployment, crash reporting, analytics, pricing, and the integration process.

Feature Comparison

Deployment and CI/CD

- MS AppCenter:

- Supports automated builds and deployments for multiple platforms.

- Integration with popular version control systems for seamless CI/CD.

- Distribution to beta testers and production environments.

- AppCircle:

- Offers robust CI/CD pipelines with build automation tailored for mobile apps.

- Enhanced device farm support for comprehensive testing before deployment.

- Integration with multiple version control systems and communication tools like Slack for streamlined workflows.

Crash Reporting and Analytics

- MS AppCenter:

- Provides detailed crash reports with real-time data to help developers quickly identify and fix issues.

- Usage analytics offer insights into user behavior and app performance.

- AppCircle:

- Real-time crash analytics with detailed reports help in swift issue resolution.

- Performance metrics and user engagement statistics provide a deeper understanding of app usage and health.

Integration Process

Pricing Comparison


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Conclusions and Recommendations

As MS AppCenter phases out, AppCircle presents a viable alternative, particularly for mobile developers looking for comprehensive CI/CD solutions, robust crash reporting, and detailed analytics. Key reasons to consider AppCircle:

1. Extensive CI/CD Capabilities: AppCircle's CI/CD pipelines and device farms provide a seamless build, test, and deployment process, crucial for maintaining high-quality mobile apps.

2. Detailed Crash and Usage Analytics: Real-time crash reporting and performance metrics help developers maintain app stability and enhance user experience.

3. Integration Flexibility: Broad integration with popular version control and communication tools ensures smooth transitions and continuous workflow.

4. Ease of Adoption: Intuitive setup, flexible pipeline configuration, and extensive documentation make AppCircle easier to adopt and integrate into existing development processes.


For engineering managers and senior engineers, migrating to AppCircle offers a reliable, feature-rich alternative to AppCenter, ensuring continuity in mobile app development and deployment processes. Evaluate AppCircle’s offerings against your specific needs and consider their enterprise plans for tailored solutions.


- AppCircle -

- MS AppCenter -

In summary

AppCircle stands out as a comprehensive alternative to MS AppCenter, offering robust features that cater to the nuanced needs of mobile developers and engineering managers. Transitioning to AppCircle can ensure uninterrupted and enhanced mobile development workflows.


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